How to get your app or product in front of millions (and sell it)

What do you need to know to market you, your product, your app, your site, your whatever to the masses?

And I mean masses.

There are literally millions of people out there on the ‘net looking for just about anything you can imagine. (And they all have ‘mass’….get it?)

But think about it. (I know, it hurts me to do that too.)

What do you need to do/know in order to get YOU out there?

linkable assets
OSE top pages
Linking Root domains
Link building
Referring domains
Customer Acquisition Strategies
Website optimization

I mean half of those things are “Greek” to me. (“Greek”=whatever language you find totally confusing to you)

Guest blogging
Email marketing
Longtail keywords

How is someone supposed to get started!?

Oh there are always those “I can make you rich in 60 seconds” deals that you can sign on with.

They are definitely going to make you rich without having to lift a finger.

That’s why everyone’s using those scams…I mean schemes…I mean plans. Right? Ask your neighbor. I’m sure they’re hooked up with one of those. That’s why they moved to…Oh they didn’t move?


Well, all you have to do is read.

10 Proven ways….
5 Quick tips…
4 Ways to market… (Only four?)
35 Ways to market your small business (Now that’s more like it)
4,352 ways to… (Oh, come on)

But it goes on and on doesn’t it?

How to blog
Setting up a blog
Make money blogging
15 Ideas on blog content
10 Mistakes not to make with your blog
20 ways to NOT make mistakes on your blog
How to make 40 billion dollars in one week blogging

OK, enough, enough.

You get the point. You could spend the rest of your life reading and never getting anything done.

And by anything I mean…

…fattening your bank account.

So, the question, then:

Can you really make money online?

I mean is it really possible to make real, decent cashola using the internet?

In a different post I talked about the copious ways of making money online. Really. I talked about this, that AND the other thing.

I will not delve into that here.

So the simple answer is yes there are ways to make money online.

But we don’t want to just make money online.

We want to…Live Long and Prosper

We want our online efforts to make us so much money that we don’t have to work at one of those menial jobs, with a menial boss making menial pay, performing menial tasks, for a menial boss for menial pay, for a menial….sorry.

I mean really, that is what we’re looking for, yes?


Oh but then that brings us right back to all that crap I was talking about earlier.

There’s just so freaking much to know!


The bright side is….it’s not as bad as I’ve made it out to be. (Bad me)

Really if you have an action plan, it ain’t all that bad at all.

Let me ask ya…

Did you start running the first week you were born?
Did you know what the square root of two was in kindergarten?
Were you doing wheelies on your bike when you were three? (On purpose and controlled)
Did you know what a Higgs boson was when you took high energy physics in Grade 1?

There’s just one point you have to grasp: learn as you go.

Let me repeat that…


Meaning that you are now about to learn some very cool stuff about how to actually make money using the internet.

Second point is…

Ok, there are two points that you have to grasp.

Learn as you go and actually learning NEW stuff.

That may very well be more scary, or scarier, to you than what you have to learn! Learning NEW stuff?

Grab an energy drink, take a brain supplement, and watch some coaching videos for an hour or three.

‘Cause you thought you finished learning when you left high school or university or graduate school or when you finally decided to quit CERN.

The third point…. Ok, three points. There are three points that you have to grasp.

Learning as you go.
Learning new stuff
And putting this new wealth of information into practice.

Let me ask ya another question.

When you were in Grade 2 learning about high energy particle physics, were you doing it all on your own? Or did you have a nice patient teacher trying to explain to you what a photon was?

OK, that was two questions and they were both just a little off the wall. You didn’t learn about photons until grade 3.

Point is… I seem to be getting to a lot of points, eh?

So the point is, you had someone teaching/guiding you along the way. And not just anybody. That teacher/guide knew what they were talking about and could answer your questions.

They would give you NEW information and then help you assimilate it.

Like, what particles are emitted when two protons collide?

That’s one of the reasons they were there. To answer your questions and guide you along your way.

So, how much and what do you know about Internet Marketing?

And what do I know about it all.

Well let me answer with Google.

I started doing the proper marketing as taught by my sponsor about 2 months ago. On a search of “Empower Network”, a popular MLM company, the keyword I’ve been targeting, I come in at number 16 out of a search result of 1.4 million.

I think that’s pretty damn good. As a matter of fact, I am excited about that. Another week or two….first page!

Oh, and I’m no rocket scientist. Nor did I ever work at CERN. Nor do I have any advanced degree.

But after a lot of learning, I do know my internet sh#@.

So is it possible to make GOOD money online?


Is it possible for YOU to make good money online?


The possibility exists and I can help you realize it.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to, or if you want to make some real, honest money online.

Once you’ve made the right decision, you will in the not too distant future, be able to give this to your boss.

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