Is The Future Of Water Filtration With Enagic Kangen Water Purification System?

According to the Environmental Working Group, 315 pollutants were found in the United States’ tap water since 2004. As a result, people began to question if their tap water is still safe to drink.

Not long after, people looked for other options, until ionized water presented several benefits.

What Is Kangen Enagic?

The term “Kangen Water” refers to the water produced during the process called ionization technology. Enagic is the company that is responsible in creating and selling the technology around the globe.

The Company Behind Kangen Water

enagic business opportunityEnagic is a Japan-based company. It has already been in the industry for more than 30 years now. It started out as a small division of Sony in 1974, until its first filtration system was created in 2000. Later in 2003, its first distribution took place in Taipei, L.A., and Hawaii (1).

One year after, Enagic opened a new office in New York. In 2005, another U.S. headquarters in California was opened. The business boomed, so they opened a few more offices in countries like Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore and Mexico.

Benefits of Kangen Enagic Water

It is believed that ionized water provides several benefits. Through the ionization technology, the water is not just filtered; it is also turned into acidic and alkaline water. Therefore, this water can be used in cooking, cleaning and drinking.

While many believed that bottled water is the safest and healthiest water to drink, one study contradicts this. Natural Resources Defense Council’s study showed that 1/3 of the bottled water that was tested contains contaminants that are more than the allowable limit.

Bottled water is also found to be somewhat acidic which can disrupt the pH balance of the body. Aside from its possible adverse effects on one’s health, the production and disposal of bottled water can also damage the ecosystem.

Having said this, Enagic Kangen Water is found to be the safest and healthiest water to use and consume. Here are some of its health benefits:

Anti-aging and detox.
In a Kangen Water review, it states that the water is said to be rich in minerals that can delay aging. It is a fact that drinking plenty of water can make our skin healthy; well, it is even better if we drink ionized water.

Increased energy
Many users confessed that they noticed increase in their energy level as soon as they started drinking Kangen Water.

Increased nutrition and fewer illness symptoms
Kangen Water which is produced through ionization technology is considered as one of the healthiest water to drink. Therefore, increased nutrition and fewer illness symptoms are expected.

Enagic Kangen Water Business Opportunities

Due to this booming business, several opportunities to earn also arise.

• Distributor. For those who want to be a distributor, all they need to do is to buy a system. The distributor gets paid through 8 levels, and advances through the sales of the team. As soon as one’s rank increases, so does one’s commission.

Enagic Kangen benefits offers lucrative incentives to distributors who can sell 100 machines. The incentives include Educational Allowance and Title Incentive, among others.

• Marketing System. To those who have talent in product marketing may join the Power Life Pro Marketing System.

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