Vemma brings down the house at MarCom Awards

Last week, Vemma rocked the videographer awards hosted by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). Their “Living the Vemma Lifestyle” video won an Award of Excellence, the highest award possible for videographers.

Perhaps this is why direct-marketing bloggers are leaving bonkers Vemma reviews??

The video was launched last month at the “Focus on Your Success” convention and lasts four minutes and 18 seconds. It features testimonials from Vemma independent associates and slick (very slick) videography of places around the world where Vemma associates travel. Mixed in are shots of amazing results that Vemma products can produce in its customers…dramatic weight loss, for one.

Vemma execs also received an Award of Distinction for their video called “2015 Vemma Convention Recap”. Lasting four minutes and 38 seconds, this video is equally compelling and it’s easy to see why they got the award, which is the second-highest award the AMCP gives out.

Otherwise known as “MarCom” awards, these go out to directors of marketing videos who’ve shown exceptional talent. Since its release on YouTube almost two months ago, “Living the Vemma Lifestyle” has had 24,287 views.

Here’s what an award-winning marketing video looks like on paper…

In “Living the Vemma Lifestyle”, the director hits you with absolutely everything you’d want to see in a direct selling business, in this order:

  1. network marketing is important, it changes people’s lives
  2. 10 years in the business
  3. fancy HQ (“invested millions of dollars in your future”)
  4. present in 53 countries
  5. won 159 awards
  6. it’s family oriented
  7. members enjoy a great lifestyle: golfing, disco, fancy car, nice watch
  8. have time to spend with family
  9. travel the world
  10. change other people’s lives as well as your own
  11. lose weight, makeover, jewelry, clothes
  12. 250,000 square feet of state of the art manufacturing facility
  13. positively impact lives- helping others
  14. best CEO in the world
  15. culture is great
  16. exciting conferences
  17. goals: physical, emotional etc
  18. end with scrolling list of bar graphs showing average earnings going up and up

Similarly, the Convention video shows clips from what looks like to be the most exciting convention ever…complete with cheer leading squads, cool DJs, and very attractive women everywhere (do they hire models to show up at these gigs?). It also shows Vemma associates having fun together: dancing, volunteering, listening intensely to speakers who include, by the way, some notable faces.


In case you didn’t know, Vemma (rhymes with “ream-ah”) sells nutritional drinks that help with all sorts of thing like weight loss and energy levels (like Le-vel). They have the powerful and popular Dr. Oz behind them, as well as Vemma’s own scientists. They are members of the Direct Selling Association and are based in Tempe, Arizona.

Their flagship product is Vemma, a super antioxidant nutritional supplement drink with mangosteen. There’s also “Next”, a nutrition drinks for kids.

Other prdoucts include Verve (an energy drink) and “bod e”, a weight loss system backed by TV celebrity “transformation specialists” Chris and Heidi Powell. You may have seen them on Good Morning America or The Doctor Oz Show.

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